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$17.99 + S&H

1. Operator
2. The Sweetest Possibility*
3. Wildworld
4. Heart Attack*
5. Rusty Old American Dream
6. Something That We Do
7. Sunshine Go Away Today
8. Something In The Way She Moves
9. Ain’t No Shame*
10. Sister Golden Hair
11. May You Find Yourself In Heaven
12. Mexico
13. Landslide
14. Use Me
15. Language of the Heart
16. Someone, Someway, Somewhere*
* written by L Stevenson


 In Tahoe

$14.99 + S&H

In Tahoe is a collection of 12 original songs written between 1985 and 1996. Released September 1, 1996.  Songs included:

Mother Of The Lake- Written from the perspective of a vacationer who’s made annual journeys to Tahoe since childhood but senses a familiarity with the area that dates back long, long ago.

True Love Of My Own- a song about love that developed slowly from a place I didn’t expect.

Turn The Tables- What goes around comes around. At some point we’ll all find ourselves on the painful end of a dying relationship. This songs speaks from the heart of the one being left behind.

No Matter- Long distance relationships are never easy — sometimes the miles between intensify feelings of love and devotion.

Born To Play The Game- Written while I was competing on the Australian PGA Tour. Since then it’s been used on several golf telecasts including ESPN’s “Inside The Senior PGA Tour”. It also received serious consideration for the soundtrack to the movie “Tin Cup”, starring Kevin Costner.

The Last Lost Soul- Many of us identify very closely with who we were in high school. This song was written about a very close high school friend who, for some time, had trouble letting go and moving on.

New Game- As mentioned earlier, everyone gets dumped at some point. A relationship that ended badly inspired this musical attempt at saying, “Oh, yeah?”

Family Portrait- My family had a wonderful reunion some years back where we had a special photograph taken. Family is very important to me and this song pays tribute to the love and support we’ve always provided for one another.

In Tahoe- If you’ve never been here you may not realize what an amazing place Lake Tahoe is. I moved here without a job or a place to live but just knew that this is where my heart was leading me. I’ve never visited anyplace before or since any better than this.

Savannah Lives- June 23, 1994, I realized how precious each day is when Savannah Renee Stevenson was stillborn. It seemed tragic, certainly, but in the weeks and months that followed, I learned how many other parents had lost children in the same or similar ways. I hope this song brings comfort to them as it has for me.

Only I Can Do That- I’ve been an admirer of Dr. Wayne Dyer for some years and he’s convinced me that we need to take responsibility for our own actions and feelings. Statements like, “you make me mad” or “you’re embarrassing me” or “I can’t help it if I’m depressed” simply aren’t true. So when I catch myself saying or thinking these things, I remind myself that, “Only I Can Do That.”

I Wait For You- A song co-written with a good friend and very talented artist, Dan Luevano about old love and hope that springs eternal. A beautiful tune featuring Dan’s wonderful piano performance.


Time Pieces 

$17.99 + S&H

1. Teach Your Children
2. Aimee
3. You’ve Got a Friend
4. Cat’s In The Cradle
5. Run for the Roses
6. Danny’s Song
7. Southern Cross
8. Desparado
9. Take It Easy
10. Love Me Tender
11. Return to Pooh Corner
12. Vincent
13. Father & Son
14. Candle In the Wind
15. American Pie
16. England’s Rose



Luke “Live” Double CD

$22.99 + S&H

Disc 1:

1. In Tahoe
2. Cat’s In The Cradle
3. You’ve Got A Friend
4. Wherever You Will Go
5. Southern Cross
6. The Sweetest Possibility
7. Operator
8. Time Of Your Life/Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
9. Mother Of The Lake
10. Vincent
11. Sunshine Go Away Today
12. Sister Golden Hair
13. Star Spangled Banner (Bailey Stevenson)
14. Someone, Someway, Somewhere

Disc 2:

1. Landslide
2. Heart Attack
3. Wild World
4. Something In The Way She Moves
5. I’ll Be
6. Drift Away
7. Mexico
8. Wonderful Tonight
9. Grown Eyed Girl
10. Use Me
11. American Pie


Live in Lake Tahoe

2 DVD set plus bonus videos

$25.99 + S&H

DVD 1:

1. In Tahoe
2. Cat’s In The Cradle
3. You’ve Got A Friend
4. Wherever You Will Go
5. Southern Cross
6. The Sweetest Possibility
7. Operator
8. Time Of Your Life
9. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
10. Mother Of The Lake
11. Vincent
12. Sunshine Go Away Today

DVD 2:

1. Sister Golden Hair
2. Star Spangled Banner
3. Someone, Someway, Somewhere
4. Landslide
5. Heart Attack
6. Wild World
7. Something In The Way She Moves
8. I’ll Be
9. Drift Away
10. Mexico
11. Wonderful Tonight
12. Grown Eyed Girl
13. Use Me
14. American Pie



$7.99 + S&H